Photography Websites and Community for Depression and Anxiety

The One Project is the first photography community for depression and anxiety.

We teach and promote therapeutic photography as a tool to learn, heal & grow towards becoming your most authentic self. Our techniques make it easier to explore, process and start to express the thoughts, emotions, and experiences related to depression and anxiety.

You will be able to learn the techniques through online courses, sharing your story, and connecting with others to help reduce the weight and pressure of what you’re going through.

Currently, our goal is to become the top photography websites for people suffering from depression and anxiety with our fast-growing community by teaching and spreading awareness of therapeutic photography.

Our Mission: Change How We See And Talk About Depression and Anxiety

We’re building The One Project together and we will be honest and transparent about our process and journey with you. This is our grand plan in four main stages to build an empowering community for people suffering from depression and anxiety, disrupt the mental health sector and teach the world the healing power of therapeutic photography.

  1. Develop strong community and establish sustainability through educational products and services helping people learn therapeutic photography (the healing power of photography) — our current stage.
  1. Grow our community and become the hub for people suffering from depression and anxiety with over 100 million active users.
  1. Create new system (web and mobile app) to improve the experience for our members and solidify their learning and use of therapeutic photography.
  1. Establish strategic partnerships with mental health organizations, professionals and researchers to provide a direct connection to the community and give our members direct access to their services, while crowdsourcing data for research to help change how we see and talk about depression and anxiety.

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Holistic Health & Self

We believe in proactive, natural methods of achieving personal wellness. Health is holistic — the body, mind and spirit are connected and systems of tools are needed to maintain proper health.

Purpose Over Profit

We believe in listening to the ‘inner voice’ — finding meaning in the work you do — and putting purpose first. The One Project has been carefully crafted as an organization over 5 years to allow us to maximize our impact, while also allowing no barriers to access. We will utilize our growth as a way to give back further to communities in need.

Free, Creative Expression

We believe in open creative expression as a means of communication and connection — and the importance of having a safe space free from judgement to express your thoughts, feelings and stories.

Be Open To Yourself & Others

We believe in finding answers within, through introspection, and the power of sharing insights with others openly, honestly and with the intention of helping. Through sharing our vulnerable, genuine humanity we are inviting and allowing others to do the same — becoming our authentic selves. As an organization, we strive to maintain an open conversation with our members by being transparent in our intentions, activities, and direction.

Meet Our Team

Bryce Evans - Founder of The One Project - Photography Websites and Community for Depression and Anxiety

Bryce EvansFounder & CEO • Bryce is a leading expert in therapeutic photography – teaching, writing and speaking around the world about the healing power of photos. He’s also an award-winning photographer, artist of social change and marketing consultant discovering the art of life. Bryce has built a community over 50,000, worked with top international brands and exhibited his artwork internationally — all to help inspire and share valuable insights.

Mariana Montes De Oca Rodriguez - The One Project - Photography Websites and Community for Depression and Anxiety

Mariana Montes De Oca Rodriguez • Design and Community Development • A User Experience Designer, Pixel Crafter and Empathy Artist. Mariana has worked with the biggest Hip Hop and Electronic Music content creator communities on YouTube as a brand identity designer. She’s striving to help combat the negative effects the media and advertising can have on our sense of self.

Our Experts & Advisors


Joni Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LCPC • Joni has 15 plus years experience with a private practice that specializes in anger management, domestic violence, depression, eating disorders, and suicide. She uses many approaches including PhotoTherapy, and hypnotherapy. She is also a trainer on ethics and suicide awareness and teaches mental health classes at Illinois Central College. Formerly, she was in law enforcement and now trains officers and students on suicide prevention.

Photo - Nakya Reeves LMFT

Nakya Reeves, LMFT • Nakya Reeves is a licensed marriage and family therapist and owner of Creative Solutions Therapy, a private practice in South Florida. She specializes in using creative methods like PhotoTherapy to help couples, families, and teens who may be struggling with low self esteem, difficult emotions, or communicating within their relationships.


John Gray • John Gray is Co-founder/CEO of Mentionmapp. Recently West Coast editor @BetaKit & Launch Academy’s Lean Entrepreneur Program facilitator. Life tested, and always curious.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.26.25 PM

Alicia Raimundo • Alicia has been described as a “mental health superhero”, battling serious bouts of anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt since the age of 13. By the age of 25, she earned a university degree, has given two TEDx talks, recently returned from speaking at the UN’s International Youth Day, spoke as the opening keynote at the International Youth Mental Health Conference and published a book called “Red Carnation” for grade eight classrooms. She’s a research nerd, having worked as a research assistant at Waterloo and York Universities and sits on research committees for male suicide prevention, youth transitions and using people with lived experience as research partners.

Past Advisors

Judy Weiser - PhotoTherapy & Therapeutic Photography - The One Project - Photography Websites and Community for Depression and Anxiety

Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R. • Judy Weiser is a Psychologist, Art Therapist, consultant, trainer, University Adjunct Faculty, and author — and one of the earliest pioneers of PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo-Art-Therapy, VideoTherapy, and other related techniques. Founder and Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada, she is considered the world authority on the emotional meaning of photographs.

Join The Community And Help Us Achieve Our Mission

With your help and contributions, we will achieve our mission of changing how people see and talk about depression and anxiety. It starts with these photography websites and will become so much more, only with your help — get started now.

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