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The One Project is a community that uses proven techniques to help people affected by depression and anxiety learn, heal and grow towards their authentic selves.

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Depression Stories Anxiety Photos - Photography Community for Depression and Anxiety - The One Project

All member stories are only shared with express permission.

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Use any camera to tell your story, find healing and connect with others through non-verbal communication. It’s the easiest way to get started talking about struggling with issues like depression and anxiety!

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Get connected with a global community sharing their insights on depression and anxiety to increase empathy and understanding.

Depression Stories Anxiety Photos - Photography Community for Depression and Anxiety - The One Project
Depression Stories Anxiety Photos- Photography Community for Depression and Anxiety - The One Project

Become Your Most Authentic Self

Get back in tune with your authentic self using our tools, resources and courses based on proven therapeutic photography techniques.

You Want To Change The Conversation Around
Mental Health — So Do We

If you have overcome these issues in the past, are suffering from them now, or know someone who is and want to better understand and support what they’re going through — this is for you! Feel safe in telling your depression stories or sharing your anxiety photos on our private online platform.


“Photography has been one of the best things I have ever done for my mental health. It helped me get through the empty nest syndrome, the passing of my Mother and also has helped me process and make sense of past childhood trauma. It’s a tool widely overlooked that deserves more awareness.” — Melanie Hood


I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel free and finally have the support I need to move on and recover.” — Member of The One Project


“Aside from helping people find their way through depression and anxiety with the click of a shutter, the One Project also aims to build a better understanding of mental illness.” — Gail Johnson


A direct benefit is seeing others overcome their challenges and feeling hope and support for my own.” — Kelly Milne

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The One Project provides the online space and tools to help you better understand, process and communicate your experience with depression and anxiety — through photos. Join today and help us build a better picture of mental health!